12 Jan 2021 Alan Woollard

Longwarry Church members were delighted to host the baptism of Dr Josh Dupe by our well respected former Pastor, Peter Hughes, on Sabbath, 9th January 2021. Dr Dupe will become a member of the Mornington Peninsula Church.There was a limit on the number of people in the Church due to COVID restrictions, so many of the Peninsula members joined us on a live-streamed service on 'Zoom'.

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29 Sep 2019 Ben Townson

In July, Betty Hine celebrated 61 years membership in Longwarry.

She and her husband Ronald began meeting with the group in July 1958 after studying the bible with Pastor Harold Grosse.

Betty became convinced of the truth of the Bible and has never looked back. Betty can't stop coming back because in the Church she found life-long friendships, support in difficult times and became convicted that this is where God wants her to be. Spending time in worship to Jesus Christ has given her peace and a feeling of safety, and she wishes the same for young and old today. Betty has lived in the Labertouche area since 1952 and has no intention of moving despite experiencing Black Saturday 2009 and the Bunyip 2019 fires.

Congratulations Betty!  Thank you for your faithfulness and always sharing your infectious smile. You're a gem!

Benjamin Townson.

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